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The Youth-Policy activity ended in 2010 sf database.
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Document Country Date Language
African Charter Rights of the Child International 1990  English
Albania's Strategjia Kombetare e Rinise 2007-2013 Albania 2007  French
Americas Declaration "The Voice of Youth of the Americas" 2003  English
Argentine Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health Argentina 2002  Spanish
Australia National Health Plan for Young Australians Australia 1996  English
Australia National Health Policy for Children and Young People Australia 1995  English
Bangladesh National Youth Policy Bangladesh 2003  English
Benin National Youth Policy Benin 2001  French
Bolivian Youth Rights Decree Bolivia  Spanish
Botswana Family Planning General Policy Guidelines and Standards Botswana 1994  English
Botswana National Policy on HIV/AIDS Botswana 1998  English
Botswana National Youth Policy Botswana 1996  English
Bulgaria- National Program on the Children of Bulgaria Bulgaria 2002  English
Bulgaria National Strategy for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STDs Bulgaria 2001  English
Bulgaria Strategy for National Youth Policy Bulgaria 2003  English
Burundi National Youth Policy Burundi 1998  French
Cambodia Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention and Care Cambodia 2001  English
Committee of the Rights of the Child Comment on Adolescent Health International 2003  English
Committee of the Rights of the Child Comment on HIV/AIDS International  English
Costa Rica Youth Policy Costa Rica 2003  Spanish
Declaration of Antigua on Gender-Based Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean International 2003  English
Dominican Republic Norms for the Adolescent Health Program Dominican Republic 1999  Spanish
Dominican Republic Youth Law Dominican Republic 2000  Spanish
European Parliament Decision on the Extension of the Europe Against AIDS Programme International 1995  English
Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health Policy Ghana 2000  English
Ghana HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework Ghana 2001  English
Ghana National HIV/AIDS and STI Policy Document (Draft) Ghana 2000  English
Ghana National Youth Policy Ghana 1999  English
Ghana Operational Plan for HIV/AIDS Interventions in the Education Sector Ghana 2000  English
Guatemala HIV/AIDS Program Norms Guatemala 1996  Spanish
Haiti Politique Nationale de Sante des Jeunes et des Adolescents Haiti 2001  French
Hong Kong Strategy for AIDS Prevention, Care, and Control Hong Kong 1994  English
India National AIDS Policy India 1996  English
India National Policy and Charter for Children India 2001  English
India National Youth Policy India 2003  English
India New Delhi Declaration and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS International 1995  English
India Nutritious Meal Program India 2001  English
India Population Policy India 2000  English
India Population Policy (Uttar Pradesh) India 2000  English
India State Policy for Women (Rajasthan) India 1996  English
India Voluntary Counselling and Testing Operational Guidelines India 2004  English
Indonesia National HIV/AIDS Strategy Indonesia 2003  English
IPPF Statement on Contraception and STI/HIV Protection for Adolescents International 2000  English
IPPF Statement on Emergency Contraception International 2000  English
IPPF Statement on Female Genital Mutilation International 2001  English
IPPF Statement on Safe Abortion International 2001  English
IPPF Youth Manifesto International 1998  English
Jamaica National Youth Policy Jamaica 2003  English
Jamaica Youth Policy Cabinet Submission Paper Jamaica 2003  English
Kazakhstan AIDS Prevention Law Kazakhstan 1996  English
Kenya Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development Policy Kenya 2003  English
Kenya Mainstreaming Gender into the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan Kenya 2000  English
Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan Kenya 2000  English
Kenya National Youth Policy Kenya 2002  English
Krakow Statement on Children's Rights International 1999  English
Kyrgystan AIDS Prevention Law Krygystan 1996  English
Lesotho National Health and Social Welfare Policy Lesotho 2003  English
Lesotho Policy Framework on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Control, and Management Lesotho 2000  English
Madagascar National Adolescent Health Policy Madagascar 2000  French
Malawi National HIV/AIDS Policy Malawi 2003  English
Malawi's National Response to HIV/AIDS Malawi 2000  English
Manila Manifesto on HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific International 1997  English
Mongolia National Program of Action for the Development and Protection of Children Mongolia 2002  English
Mozambique National Plan of Action for Adolescent Youth Development Mozambique 1997  English
Mozambique Population Policy Mozambique 1999  English
Mozambique Programme to Control STD/AIDS Mozambique 1995  English
Namibia National Policy for Reproductive Health Namibia 2001  English
Namibia National Policy on HIV/AIDS for the Education Sector Namibia 2003  English
Nepal National Adolescent Health and Development Strategy Nepal 2000  English
New Zealand Sex and Reproductive Health Strategy--Phase One New Zealand 2001  English
New Zealand Strategy on HIV/AIDS New Zealand 1990  English
New Zealand Strategy on Young Men's Involvement in Reproductive Health New Zealand 1999  English
New Zealand Youth Development Strategy New Zealand 2002  English
New Zealand Youth Health: A Guide to Action New Zealand 2002  English
Nicaragua National Integrated Child and Adolescent Policy Nicaragua 1996  Spanish
Nicaragua National Policy against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents Nicaragua 2002  Spanish
Nicaragua National Program on Sexual and Reproductive Health Nicaragua 2001  Spanish
Nigeria Edo State Draft Strategic Plan for Improving Reproductive Health of Young Adults Nigeria 2002  English
Nigeria Guidelines for Comprehensive Sex Education Nigeria 2000  English
Nigeria National Adolescent Health Policy Nigeria 1995  English
Nigeria National Reproductive Health Policy and Strategy Nigeria 2001  English
Nigeria National Youth Policy & Plan of Action Nigeria 2001  English
OAU Tunis Declaration on AIDS and the Child in Africa International 1994  English
Panama Framework for Formulation of Youth Policy and Action Plans Panama 1998  Spanish
Peru Lineamientos de Políticas de los y las Adolescentes Peru 2005  Spanish
Philippines Adolescent and Youth Health and Development Program (AYHDP) Implementing Guidelines Philippines 2001  English
Philippines Adolescent and Youth Health Policy Philippines 2000  English
Philippines National Family Planning Policy Philippines 2001  English
Philippines National Policy and Strategic Framework on Male Involvement in Reproductive Health Philippines 2006  English
Philippines Reproductive Health Policy Philippines 2000  English
Plan of Action for Operationalizing the African Framework for SRHR International 2006  English
Portugal National AIDS Plan Portugal 1993  English
Russian AIDS Law Russia 1995  English
Sierra Leone National Youth Policy Sierra Leone 2003  English
South Africa HIV/AIDS/STD Strategic Plan South Africa 2000  English
South Africa National Policy on HIV for Learners and Educators South Africa 1999  English
South Africa National Youth Policy South Africa 1997  English
South Africa National Youth Policy 2008-2013 (draft for discussion) South Africa 2008  English
South Africa Policy Guidelines for Adolescent & Youth Health South Africa 1999  English
Tanzania National AIDS Control Program Strategy Tanzania 2001  English
Tanzania National Health Policy Tanzania 1990  English
Tanzania National Multisectoral Strategic Framework on HIV/AIDS Tanzania 2002  English
Tanzania National Policy on AIDS Tanzania 2001  English
Tanzania Youth Development Policy Tanzania 1996  English
Thailand National Plan for Prevention and Alleviation of HIV/AIDS Thailand 1997  English
Timor-Leste Decree-LAW No. 13/2008 establishing the Organisational Structure of the Office of Timor Leste 2008  English
Timor-Leste National Reproductive Health Strategy 2004-2015 Timor Leste 2004  English
U.N. Protection of Human Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS-1994 International 1994  English
U.N. Protection of Human Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS-1995 International 1995  English
U.S. Improving the Nutritional Health of Adolescents: A Position Statement of the Society for Adolescent Medicine United States 1999  English
U.S. International Response to HIV/AIDS United States 1999  English
U.S. National AIDS Strategy United States 1997  English
Uganda AIDS Control Policy Proposals Uganda 1996  English
Uganda National Adolescent Health Policy 2004 Uganda 2004  English
Uganda National Adolesecent Health Policy Uganda 2000  English
Uganda National Policy Guidelines and Service Standards for Reproductive Health Services Uganda 2001  English
Uganda National Policy Guidelines for HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Uganda 2003  English
Uganda National Population Policy for Sustainable Development Uganda 1995  English
Uganda National Youth Policy Uganda 2001  English
Uganda Policy for the Reduction of Maternal to Child Transmission Uganda 2001  English
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child International 1990  English
UN Lisbon Declaration on Youth Policies and Programs International 1998  English
UN Plan of Action for Implementing the World Declaration on Children International 1990  English
UN Report on the 10-year Review of the World Programme of Action for Youth International 2005  English
Vietnam National Strategy on Reproductive Health Vietnam 2001  English
Yemen National Strategy for Integrating Youth into Development Yemen 1998  English
Zambia National HIV/STI/TB Policy Zambia 2002  English
Zambia National Youth Policy Zambia 1994  English
Zambia Reproductive Health Policy Zambia 2000  English
Zimbabwe National Policy on HIV/AIDS Zimbabwe 1999  English
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